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▓ling around like the song of a tipsy bulbu▓l, so I am particularly in nee▓d of some intelligent conversation.H▓owell, you look as glum as t

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ho▓ugh you were attorney for a wretched fell▓ow who had no chance of escaping the gallows.I●'m glad you have Lyon associ▓ated with you.I've


more faith in his● abilities than in yours.And he shot a ▓dancing glance at Lyon which was not● wholly mockery. My abilities are at least?/p>

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?equal to the facts that have bee●n given them to work up, said● Howell, drily.I came to ask▓ you what you can tell me about Mrs.B▓roughton

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's visit to Waynscott. Lawrence'●s eyes widened with surprise.Mrs.Brought▓on! What in the name of wonde

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r ●are you bringing her name in for ▓She visited your office that day. ▓ Yes. What for Lawrenc


e shook hi●s head.It was a professional vi▓sit.I can't discuss the matte●r. I rather expected you to s


▓ay that.But the matter comes up in this way●.Lyon, here, has identified Mrs.Broughton with● the woman wh


o was seen with Fullerton ▓that evening.He may be wrong, of cours▓e.But if he is right, it may be helpfu▓l to know what

she wanted, first fr●om you and then from him. Lawrence d●id not look at

Delighted to see you! I've been rea▓ding Persian love-poems till my brains are whir
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